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Wanlong Doors
Wanlong Doors Industry Company is a professional manufacturer in producing all kinds of steel wooden armored doors, wooden doors and PVC doors. Particular in making Italian style armored doors, Turkish style steel wooden doors, wooden interior doors. Also they can make individual design with specific requirements.
They have been authorized by ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification. Their products have been exported to about 20 countries in the world, including Russia, Italy, Turkey, Greece, Iran, Mexico, Spain, Romania, Venezue la, Albaina, Algeria,Nigeria , Egypt e.t.c.
Wanlong is a certified manufacturing corporation by the CAS Organization admitting that wanlong is compliant to the highest level of the quality insurance standards. As a business partner and a main supplier , MI Decoration exerts the compliance campaigns for the factory to ensure the shop floor quality of our products and to achieve the supplying consistency to our market.